Text Message Archiving for Corporate & "BYOD" Devices

Automatically capture, archive and monitor SMS, MMS, WhatsApp and more...

You use mobile, increasing productivity and meeting clients how THEY want
but archiving SMS Text for compliance is tough!

That's why you need Intradyn we make archiving SMS Text
as easy as email archiving.

Easily & capture all business mobile communications
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Supports BYOD (employee owned devices) & Corporate issued devices.


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Curious what You can Archive?

(short answer: all of it! Verizon & AT&T at Carrier level.
iPhones, Androids, and any carrier via our Enterprise Number App...See below)

Intradyn Text Message Archiving

Network Level Archiving

Messages captured directly from Verizon & AT&T

Enterprise Number Archiving

On device App controlled by Corporate

Requires devices to be issued by the business and billing on a corporate plan.
Network Level Archiving let's you capture all sms/mms/whatsApp activity automatically as the mobile carrier sends a copy of all messages to your Intradyn Archive where you can search, review, tag and export.
Supports smart phones and legacy phones. No app necessary.

Keeping business and personal separate. Enterprise Number Archiving (ENA) is perfect if your employees use their own cell phone.
ENA is an app that runs on the cell phone and has it's own cell number that the business controls. All messages (text and MMS) sent and received from the ENA cell phone number are archived and searchable.
Great for Compliance, eliminates the need for employees to carry 2 phones and saves the business money as you do not need to provide dedicated phones for business use. ENA also benefits you when there is employee turn over as clients and vendors will still communicate with the business issued phone number which you have full control of after an employee departs.

Search & View Individual Messages

or "Conversation View" for full context

Super Easy Search


Intradyn’s text message archiving solution features a granular search functionality with intuitive controls, making it easy to track down the exact message you need in a matter of seconds. Our search even covers typos and misspellings using fuzzy logic, so you’ll never have to worry about missing out on a key piece of information.

Track Down Text Messages in Seconds

If you can do a Google search, you are fully qualified to use Intradyn!


View All Text Message Metadata & Content with a Single Click

Review mobile attachments the same as you would an email attachment and add tags, apply legal holds
and redact content to support eDiscovery efforts using our one-click detail drill-down capability.

JP Morgan Fine

December, JP Morgan was hit with a $200MM fine for not archiving text messages.
January, CCOs were getting dire warnings to ban device usage...
(middle of a pandemic, suggested solution...ban employee use of mobile phones?????)
Intradyn offers a better approach, archive, get control and STOP holding your teams back!


Read the JPM - SEC Press Release Here: SEC 2021-262

"What's Up with WhatsApp?"
The Retention of Work-Related

Read Article Now - Click to Download PDF

Sunshine Laws, SEC and FINRA Compliant Text Message Archiving

Preserve Mobile Communication

Intradyn captures mobile content in real time and securely stores it in a centralized archive. All SMS/MMS/, RCS, WhatsApp and text messages — including metadata — are saved, categorized and indexed for fast retrieval.

Flexible Archiving Options

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and more — Intradyn supports all major mobile service providers. Our archiving software is also compatible with all mobile devices, including Apple, Google, LG and Samsung products.

Search, Retrieve & Produce in Seconds

Intradyn enables you to produce mobile communications in your choice of native or standard non-native format, making it easy to comply with local Sunshine laws, public records laws and other state and industry regulations, including NARA, FOIA, SEC and FINRA.

Compatible With all Major Carriers & Devices

Intradyn’s flexible archiving options enable us to support any ownership model, including bring your own device, choose your own device, employee-issued corporate devices and more, so you can always find the right blend of tools based on your unique requirements.

Customize Your Solution to Support Your Enterprise

Our comprehensive offering delivers mobile communication archiving for any combination of device, carrier and ownership model, allowing for limitless customization options.

Enterprise Number Archiver

Archive text, SMS and RCS messages and calls associated with employees’ virtual business numbers using an app designed for iOS and Android smartphones.

Network Archiver

Integrate your archiving solution with your mobile carrier network to get direct carrier capture for automatic archiving — no additional app required.

Android Archiver

Capture and automatically archive all native Android text and call communications with a lightweight agent that runs in the background of your archiving solution.

WhatsApp Archiver

Capture all native WhatsApp text communications in real time using our archiving solution and WhatsApp’s built-in chat and phone dialer.

Solution Benefits

Message Threading

Get the full context for every conversation with our message threading feature, which visually groups all messages, images, videos and files included in a conversation, all in chronological order.

Employee Monitoring

Our full-service solution includes a built-in Audit Log tool that automatically monitors any activity within your archive — including viewing, searching or any other action performed on the system, including those performed by administrative users. This feature helps support employee monitoring, all while enhancing the security of your text, SMS and RCS message data.

Member Porting

Ready to make a switch? Whether you have 10 users or 1,000, Intradyn offers comprehensive support so you can migrate over from your existing archiving solution with ease — and without interrupting normal business operations.